Friday, July 19, 2013

Australia: we weep.

Task: Write a limerick about someone famous. Like really famous.

A Prime Minister ought to have class.
Julia Gillard was given the arse.
Kevin Rudd copped flak,
But then he came back,
Now the whole Labor Party's a farce.

I'm not normally a complete cynic but I couldn't help writing this limerick today. Australia's been in some chaos with our political parties lately and it's become a circus. Shamefully, respect for our leaders has dropped astronomically and I continue to hear young people say "I'm not voting this year, nobody deserves to win". This is unusual in Australia because voting is compulsory, so it means they are either willing to cop the fine, or will go all the way down to the polling booth and line up only to put in a "donkey vote" (a form which is either blank or completed incorrectly). It's a sad state of affairs, currently with only a dim flickering light at the end of the tunnel. This post is not a statement of my own political belief but a reflection of what I hear around me.

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