Saturday, July 20, 2013

Say my name, ***ch!

Assignment: Find your name in the environment around you. Look for your first name, parts of your first name, or even the individual letters that make up your name in the environment around you. Take photos and crop them together. Share. Enjoy!

I go by the name of Caro mostly, so it was pretty fun when my cousin sent me this photo she took in Venice. With a name like Caroline I feature in an extraordinary number of songs - including those by Neil Diamond, Badloves, Outkast, Concrete Blonde, John Butler Trio, David Gray, Fleetwood Mac... that's just for starters, hell I just about crashed iTunes with a search. Out in the wild though I don't see too many references to my name, not anymore anyway. I'm like Bart Simpson in the numberplate shop nowadays, with only "Carolyn" available at best. I constantly get asked whether my name is spelled with a K (Where? Where would you put a K? Who spells it like that?) and a teacher once wrote Carloine on my test paper, a name by which I was called for at least 2 years after by my best friend. I have even been known as Carikube, but that's only when I was typing without looking at the screen and my right hand was off-centre.

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